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Health Board focus: Swansea Bay UHB - Digitalising a lifestyle programme


Session Time: 10:00-11:00 Wednesday 10th November

Session synopsis: Christian Lambert MCSP, Advanced Physiotherapy Practitioner is the clinical lead for the Exercise and Lifestyle Programme (ELP) Pilot being run by the MCAS service in the community within Swansea Bay University Health Board (SBUHB).

The ELP pilot commenced in April 2021 and is being offered to up to 1000 patients experiencing Knee Osteoarthritis as a non-surgical management option. This is in line with NICE Osteoarthritis Care and Management guidelines (CG177, Feb 2014). ELP strives to combine a holistic approach to care, offering education and clinical support along with an 8 week diet and exercise intervention. This involves a multi-disciplinary team and works closely with local authority agencies such as NERS. The current 1000 patient programme, follows a smaller scale pilot in 2018. To minimise direct contact time with patients during COVID restrictions, ELP was recently adapted to provide the option of virtual assessment, on-line exercise & diet classes. Electronic patient channels were employed to provide education and self-management materials to patients.

A number of patient reported outcome measures (PROMs) including OKS/MSK Health/EQ5D and ACHE scores were collected remotely from patients throughout the programme, with patient experience and clinical outcomes (weight/BMI/Waist) collected at start and end of the programme. The presentation will summarise patient outcomes to date, and outline some of the challenges and learning encountered with adapting a digital approach to delivery of a lifestyle programme.

Speakers: Christian Lambert

Duration: 45 minutes