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Welcome to the Welsh Value in Health Centre

The Welsh Value in Health Centre is a Welsh Government funded programme, working to achieve World leading health outcomes for the people of Wales.

By providing leadership, support, expertise and the strategic direction for embedding value-based healthcare across NHS Wales, we are driving better outcomes for patients in a way that is sustainable for the long-term.

Value-based healthcare encourages us to focus on meeting the goals of our patients and to help manage expectations throughout their care or treatment. Improving how patients are involved in decision making using the best evidence to hand, avoiding any unnecessary variation in care and becoming more creative to determine where the resources we have are best spent for improved patient outcomes.

By working with patients and teams (such as clinical, operational, data, informatics and finance) from across the healthcare system in Wales, and collaborating with industry and third sector, we are delivering the outcomes that matter to people with the resources available to us.

Enabling a whole system approach to value-based healthcare for Wales