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Data Visualisation

Vast quantities of data are available for analysis across NHS Wales. How that data is collected, combined, analysed, presented and used is the key to delivering a data-driven system. Effectively visualising data can be the difference between insights being understood and acted upon, and missing what is really going on by focussing on the wrong things.

The Welsh Value in Health Centre has been working with engaged clinical teams to develop data dashboards and atlases of variation over the last few years. We will continue to develop these products, but also work with colleagues across Wales and beyond to continually evolve the ways that we visualise data to support better understanding and action being taken to improve outcomes for all.

In an attempt to make our data products even more accessible, we are close to delivering patient-level visualisation dashboards in the Welsh Clinical Portal for a number of patient groups. The ability to view patient PROMs as data visualisations in a direct care setting serves as a basis for the conversation between patient and clinician during a clinic appointment.  It will allow clinicians to view and analyse the outcomes that matter to the patient, alongside other elements of the patient record, enabling the clinician to tailor the appointment, treatment and care to the patient’s needs.