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Our Key Partners

We cannot achieve our programme mission in isolation. We rely on other organisations, programmes and teams to help us achieve a value-based healthcare system for Wales. The need to connect, share and work together are key to our future success.

Digital Health and Care Wales

Digital Health and Care Wales (DHCW) has a dedicated value-based healthcare team who work closely with the Welsh Value in Health Centre to give Health Boards and Trusts the mechanism to implement value-based approaches to healthcare within their own organisations. Our work with DHCW is focussed in two main areas. Firstly, the creation of data tools that bring clinical audit to life, along with other information products that support value-based decision making. Secondly, the development of an ecosystem for patient facing technology through the Digital Services for Patients and Public (DSPP) programme.

National Data Resource (NDR)

Within Digital Health and Care Wales, the National Data Resource (NDR) programme is a strategic imperative for health and care in Wales and an essential component of the Digital Architecture Review. It underpins delivery of the commitments made in A Healthier Wales: Our Plan for Health and Social Care (2018) with goals to deliver a more joined up approach to health and care data across Wales. It will support the timely and seamless data flows required by the Welsh Value in Health Centre.


Cedar is supporting the Welsh Value in Health Centre by providing analytical and evaluation capacity, advising on PROMs selection, use, licenses and administration, and supporting the production of outputs and reports for presentations, conferences and publications. As the Welsh Value in Health Centre Research Group, their role requires collaboration with a broad range of stakeholders including patients, clinicians, Health Board and Welsh Government representatives for both local and national projects.

Finance Planning & Delivery (NHS Wales Executive)

Finance Planning & Delivery  is playing a significant role at the heart of the Welsh Value in Health Centre. Their team is passionate about the principles of value-based healthcare and the part they can play in improving outcomes for patients. They are involved in value-based projects across all aspects of the programme and the wider healthcare system in Wales.

Life Sciences Hub Wales

The life sciences sector has a key role co-growing the value-based healthcare ecosystem by supporting collaborative approaches to develop and implement innovative products and services into health and social care systems.


Health Technology Wales

Health Technology Wales will contribute significantly by appraising the scientific evidence to inform technology adoption and disinvestment decisions. This will encourage best use of the scarce resources available to invest in health and social care technologies, and maximise the health gain they offer for the people of Wales.

The Value-Based Health and Care Academy







The Value-Based Health and Care Academy at Swansea University is the first of its kind, globally, dedicated to supporting leaders and organisations in the successful adoption of value based healthcare. The Academy works alongside the Welsh Value in Health Centre and is affiliated with the European Alliance for Value in Health.

Health Boards and Trusts

The programme has been working with Health Boards and Trusts since 2018 to establish a value-based approach to healthcare in Wales. Today, the programme has a whole system approach that is embedding value-based healthcare as the way NHS Wales optimises available resources. Using technology to measure what matters most to people, ensuring activity is data-driven and focussed on improving patient outcomes.  All Health Boards now have a dedicated Value Lead managing a portfolio of value projects across Wales.