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Data Access

Vast amounts of data are collected by organisations across NHS Wales. Data relating to patients, but also the administration and operation of the healthcare system in Wales is collected at scale. Given the nature of this data, there are robust systems in place to manage it securely and confidentially. However, this data should be shared and used appropriately for the benefit of patients, services and systems.

Having data that is accessible helps the Welsh Value in Health Centre and our key partners to utilise it in a number of ways to enable disease prevention, reduce unwarranted variation, improve outcomes for patients, reduce costs and drive efficiency.

By working closely with Health Boards and Trusts, and Welsh Government, our access to data has grown significantly over the last few years. This has allowed us to create many products that are enabling clinical teams to make better decisions about the planning and delivery of healthcare. We will continue working with all relevant stakeholders to ensure we have the right data to uncover real insights.