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Nick Yates

Patient Representative

Value in Health

About Me

Patient Representative

I am a retired, 63 year-old, freelance Marketing Consultant, living in Llandudno, North-West Wales.  My Secondary Care hospital is the Wrexham Maelor in North-East Wales. 

I was diagnosed with Crohn's Disease in 2016 and I have other long-term chronic health conditions that, at times of acute flares, have interacted badly with my Crohn's condition. All need co-ordinated management across both Primary and Secondary Care and associated medical specialisms. 

I am committed to supporting the work of Crohn's & Colitis UK (C&CUK).  My personal aim is to get more support for suffers of Crohn's & Colitis across NHS Wales/BCUHB. I assisted the C&CUK in the running of a one-off Patient Education (PE) workshop in North Wales and I still aspire to repeat this as an ongoing programme of PE events. I have also contributed to the Value in Health, NHS Wales, Digital Stories project. I have served on several C&CUK research and improvement committees and projects at both UK and Wales. 

I am delighted to be asked to be a Patient Representative on the Value in Health Programme to test a series of educational workshops for IBD patients and their carers/guardians. In this capacity, I will do my best to assist in, and assure the success of, this exciting IBD programme.