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Lymphoedema Wales - setting pace in the value based healthcare initiative


Session Time: 15:30-17:00 Wednesday 10th November

Session synopsis: Lymphoedema Wales (formerly Lymphoedema Network Wales) is a National Service implemented in response to the Strategy for Lymphoedema in Wales (Welsh Government Lymphoedema Strategy 2009) to ensure equitable Lymphoedema Services across Wales. LW have operated to ensure value and improve patient outcomes. In 2019, the Lymphoedema Value-Based Business Case was approved by Welsh Government and the Joint Chief Executives. Programmes of work are underway to meet the demands of Value-Based Health Care. Four programmes of work will be showcased, each extolling the virtues of the Value in Health Care initiative within Lymphoedema Wales (LW).

Project B has improved efficiency and reducing waste, harm and variation in acquiring Lymphoedema compression garments in Wales. The All Wales Lymphoedema Compression Garment Contract was developed following collaboration with lymphoedema clinicians, stakeholders, Surgical Material Testing Laboratory and NHS Wales Shared Services. This contract guarantees that patients receive the best product for the best price from a procurement perspective evidencing the value of procuring garments rather than prescribing them, whilst enabling timely access to garments. Dr Thomas and Timothy / Craig will present a summary of Project B.

Sub-optimal or inappropriate compression therapy is a source of patient harm and waste for health services. The On-The-Ground Education Project (OGEP) was developed to reduce waste, harm and variation by increasing competence and confidence in compression therapy. OGEP was tasked with upskilling clinicians working within Wound Clinics and in the Community Setting. Karen will introduce the OGEP and present the impact on a variety of outcomes including patient reported outcome measures, efficiencies and effectiveness along with staff feedback.

The Cellulitis Improvement Programme (CIP) was initiated in response to the increasing number of admissions in Wales due to Cellulitis (a skin infection). With prompt recognition, treatment with antibiotics can be effective, however, delayed or inappropriate treatment can be life threatening. The CIP ensure every patient diagnosed with Cellulitis (identified by hospital admission data) has access to evidence-based information on Cellulitis, its treatment and risk reduction. The vision of CIP is to ensure “All people in Wales given a diagnosis of Cellulitis in secondary care receive efficient and effective management, reducing their risk of recurrence and improving their quality of life.” The CIP team will report on its conception, work underway and impact in the first year of implementation.

The development of the Lymphoedema-specific Patient Reported Outcome Measure (LYMPROM©) was described in last year’s Value in Health Week. With validation work ongoing, the implementation and impact of Patient Reported Outcome Measures, along with a Lymphoedema-specific Patients Reported Experience Measure (LYMPREM©) will be described. Marie will report on the implementation and impact of using an online patient portal to automate LYMPROM© and LYMPREM©. Highlighting how these measures have helped elucidate the patient’s voice so that therapists can plan care in line with what matters to the patient, whilst supporting caseload management. Continuing work to centralise PROM data in line with the Welsh Health Circular will be presented; affording the opportunity to introduce the Lymphoedema Wales Clinical Dashboard.

Speakers: Dr Melanie Thomas, Dr Marie Gabe-Walters, Craig Davey, Karen Morgan and Linda Jenkins

Duration: 90 minutes