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How can we use patient generated data to support care?


Session Time: 13:00-14:00 Tuesday 9th November

Session synopsis: In recent years we have seen an exponential growth in interest in the use of patient generated data for improving healthcare, for example in monitoring of chronic disease or for service improvement. However, real time access to data, including patient generated, is beset with problems and issues of trust. As such it remains one of the obstacles to value based healthcare implementation across the world.

This panel of experts will discuss the journey towards making this data accessible, covering work spanning from the legal and ethical framework to support access and use of this data to the technical advances required to be able to store, link and manipulate this data to make NHS Wales a data informed, value driven system that is responsive what matters to its citizens.

Speakers: Dr Sally Lewis, Darren Lloyd, Stephen Frith, Rebecca Cook and Rachael Powell

Duration: 60 minutes