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Audience Q&A

Our guest speaker, Tim Kelland wanted to thank everyone who attended and to reiterate his offer of support and signposting to finance training for NHS Wales clinicians.

The Finance Academy teams are dedicated to help build, inform, up-skill and nurture Value Champions all over Wales.  They can train and advise in a group or individual setting on:

  • Costing data
  • Capturing and tracking outcomes
  • Business cases and bidding
  • Basic financial governance (financial decision making, budget delegation, role of budget holder)
  • Benefits realisation

They can also offer bitesize online sessions as a helpful way to digest  learning.

If you are a clinician who is currently running a value project or would like to embark on a value project in future but need to hone your finance, budgeting or business case skills (or if you think this would benefit your whole project team) please get in touch and check out the Finance Academy website for more info Home - Finance Academy (

The following link leads to a resource developed by the academy as an introduction to NHS Wales Finance for clinicians. It provides a foundational  understanding of how the money works. From here you can  go into further details in creating cases and financial governance for your project. It also signposts to Value as a basic building block:

Introduction to NHS Wales Finance | E-learning (