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Anji Kingman

Clinical Outcomes Manager

Northumbria Healthcare

About Me

Clinical Outcomes Manager

Anji has worked in healthcare for over 30 years and for Northumbria Healthcare NHS Foundation Trust for 18 years. With a combination of clinical and administrative experience she has been developing and running the trust’s extensive elective orthopaedic PROMs programme for 7 years.  

Anji is passionate about PROMs and using the resulting data to improve patient care and inform clinical practice. Additionally, she is the project co-ordinator for the development of openOutcomes, an open standard, open-source platform for the collection, recording and reporting of PROMs. Anji is the PROMs and administrative lead for the UK Bone and Joint Infection Registry, a co-ordinator for the National PROMs Network, and is an Associate member of the UK Faculty of Clinical Informatics.