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PROMs – Putting the research into practice

Session title: PROMs – Putting the research into practice

Session time:  12:15

Session synopsis: Value-Based Healthcare is shining a bright light on outcomes in healthcare and in particular on Patient Reported Outcomes. Professor Hamish Laing will explore the ways that PROMs are being deployed in episodic and long-term care and across the data collection time course: from their use as a symptom tracking mechanism to support self-management and co-create care decisions to a research tool to understand the value of new treatments: as a population needs assessment, for benchmarking and service improvement or as a component in outcome-based procurement.

The use cases for PROMs are many and so are the benefits, however the routine use of PROMs at scale is still out of reach despite a growing recognition of the challenges and barriers at both system and individual level. Prof Laing will define these barriers and how these challenges are impacting our ability to unlock the full potential of PROMs.

Speakers: Professor Hamish Laing

Duration: 30 minutes