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Embedding PROMs in direct care – the system view

Session title: Embedding PROMs in direct care – the system view

Session time: 13:50

Session synopsis: An important reason for embedding PROMs into the clinical pathway is to use them to inform direct patient care and providing a way of ensuring that the person really is at the centre of everything we do.

Join us with our expert panel who will describe the various approaches to using PROMs in direct care across the health and care system.

We will explore how PROMs can be used to achieve relationship centred care: capability, comfort and calm. To understand the significance of system interoperability and the importance of effective patient outcome collection in Wales’s evolving and complex digital landscape and to learn from with our friends in Italy about visualising outcome data so that it is impactful and accessible to non-data specialists.

Speakers: Alice Andrews, Professor Hamish Laing, Dr Sabina De Rosis, Allan Wardaugh

Duration: 40 minutes