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Intelligence for Value Framework

Data and analytics have the potential to transform healthcare, impact society and save lives. The intelligence that the triangulation of various data sets can provide could be utilised to prevent disease, reduce unwarranted variation, improve healthcare outcomes, reduce costs and drive efficiency.

Value can be achieved when we deliver the best possible outcomes that matter to people using the resources available. Our policy makers, individuals and carers, health boards, clinicians, support staff and partner organisations have a myriad of questions that can be answered, if we use the right data to uncover real insights.   

Our programme has already developed a number of products for visualising information (data dashboards) that can be interpreted intuitively and easily to help answer questions in specific clinical areas, in order to improve outcomes for patients. These data dashboards can be explored here:

There is a vast amount of data being collected through the day-to-day operations of the National Health Service in Wales. How, why and where that data is collected, stored and then used is a complex landscape to navigate.  Knowing what questions need to be answered and being able to readily access the data sources available to help answer them, is at the heart of our Intelligence for Value Framework.

Following a period of extensive consultation with colleagues, clinical leaders and other stakeholders across Wales, the Intelligence for Value Framework pulls together many of the most popular questions they have, so that we can identify what data sets need to be acquired and analysed to provide answers regarding Clinical Outcomes, Variation, Cost Activity, PROMs and Cohort analysis. 

The data sources required to answer these questions have been mapped and around 80% of them are already within our gift to access. We also know where and how to obtain the remaining 20% too.

Having this framework laid out enables us to gather the right data and appropriately visualise it to support change that improves patient outcomes in Wales.

Download your copy of the Intelligence for Value Framework now and you can start to build an understanding of the key data sets and how they can be used to answer some of the questions that you may have. The Intelligence for Value framework is a live document and we are interested to know your comments and questions so we can continue to update it based on your requirements.

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