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What does this mean for patients?


As a resident in Wales, it is likely that at some point in your life you will require the help and care from one, or several of the Health Boards across Wales.

When we are in contact with you about your care, it is possible that we may ask you to complete a PROMs Questionaire.

We would be grateful if you do receive a letter or email asking you to complete a PROM that you do so at a time that is convenient for you. You can complete these online by yourself or with help from a trusted friend or family member. As part of your care, it is important that we gather this information from you as it will help your doctor or nurse understand how you feel.

Please watch the below clip to hear Gareth's story and what patient reported outcomes meant to him during his experience. 

The information you provide will be stored on a secure NHS on-line system specifically designed and developed by NHS Wales for NHS Wales’ patients and clinicians. This will allow your care team to quickly and safely access your PROM's responses alongside other medical information used in healthcare (such as test results and letters from your GP).

Your personal information will always be treated as strictly confidential

The information you provide will be anonymized by removing all your personal information so you cannot be identified. This will help us collect data that can be used to help improve services and treatments, so we gain a better understanding of what works well and to help understand where things can be improved. This could be done by adding your anonymized responses to those of others from across Wales and linking these with other NHS Information.

From time to time we may share statistical information with external organizations for the purposes of enabling research, development and improving health and health care. This will help us understand how well different drugs or treatments work, for example, to support NHS workers and the public in making better decisions.

Your data will always be handled securely in accordance with the General Data Protection Regulation. Your Information Your Rights 

The information which identifies you (your personal information) will never be released by NHS Wales or any third party organisations working on its behalf unless they have your express permission or a lawful basis to do so, or if they are required to do so by the law or by the Courts.

If you have any concerns about where a request to complete a PROM has come from, please get in touch with your local Health Board.