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OECD Patient Reported Indicator Survey (PaRIS) Programme



The Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development is leading the international Patient-Reported Indicator Survey (PaRIS) programme which aims to make health systems more people-centred. PaRIS will create the first international survey of patient-reported health outcomes and experiences of adults with one or more chronic conditions who are treated in primary care settings. Internationally, PaRIS will accelerate and standardize the monitoring of patient-reported indicators in crucial areas of health systems where little is being measured at present. Wales' participation in the PaRIS programme represents an opportunity for Wales to demonstrate international leadership in the development of tools to support the delivery of patient-centered care; make comparisons around key outcomes and experiences with other countries; support policymakers to identify best practices to support the delivery of the Value-Based Health Care plan; enable a medium-to-long-term assessment on Welsh Government’s Value-Based Health Care programme, targeted at patients with one or more chronic diseases in pursuit of A Healthier Wales; and, enable data-driven policy decision-making about priorities for population health and social care improvement.


Dr Andy Carson-Stevens, Wales Scientific Director of OECD PaRIS