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Our Strategy

The Value in Health programme set out an initial Action Plan in 2019 with the aim of embedding value-based healthcare across healthcare delivery in NHS Wales. Since then, considerable progress has been made creating an environment with a focus on outcomes that matter to patients along with changes to infrastructure to create a more data-driven system. The programme encompassed the national PROMs programme from July 2019 and is now able to take the implementation of value-based healthcare in Wales to the next stage with the creation of the Welsh Value in Health Centre, under the sponsorship of the Director of Technology, Digital and Transformation in the Welsh Government’s Health and Social Services Group.

We are now able to utilise more data to answer the questions that can be the catalyst for improved patient outcomes. Digital literacy has improved amongst the population as a whole, which creates more opportunities for us to introduce the use of patient reported experience and outcome measures to more healthcare pathways, further embedding value-based healthcare across NHS Wales.

As the Welsh Value in Health Centre, we will continue to work with key stakeholders across the healthcare sector in Wales and Welsh Government, to facilitate all of the necessary changes to health and care infrastructure to make this happen.


Download: Our Strategy to 2024