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Carl Lander

About Me

Carl is a Registered Nurse who has worked in a large variety of roles since qualifying in 1996.  Since leaving hands on clinical practice Carl has worked within Quality Improvement, Human Resources, Education and Programme Management roles.  Within each role he has brought the patients’ needs to the centre of thinking, ensuring that their needs are first and foremost in decision making.  This role is enabling Carl to bring together his skills in change management with his passion for improving the care of people requiring any form of NHS intervention; particularly those with long term care needs.

Carl has a rare inherited anaemia (Pyruvate Kinase Deficiency (PKD)), this has meant a lifelong need of clinical care.  Carl sits on a global Advocacy Advisory Council, helping resolve unmet needs of those with the same rare anaemia.  He also sits on the Steering Committee for the PEAK Registry, influencing the types of investigation that take place using this large volume of data about people with PKD.  He also represent the needs of people with by sitting on a US non-profit organisation (Thrive with PK Deficiency) and is working to set up a similar UK charity, along with being a Trustee of the Metabolic Support UK charity.